BM-Industriteknik as
Birketvej 13
DK-4941 Bandholm

Phone: +45 54 78 85 00
Fax: +45 54 76 35 07
E-mail: bmi@bm-i.dk



BM-Industriteknik is very experienced in this sector and produces a large assortment for example beet washing plants and herb separator.
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This group contains pres-
sure tanks for the process industry, steam dryers, flue gas purification etc.
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We also provide service and assembly work. We are capable to accomplish even very substantial jobs.
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We have a large selection of machinery - also for special manufacturing tasks
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BM-Industriteknik A/S is situated in Bandholm (DK) on the island Lolland and employs 50 very well-educated workers. Our company was founded in the year 1960 as a machine factory.

Our total production area is 2500 m², the interior area alone is 1000 m². The crane installations have a capacity up to 60t.

Our modern production facilities is situated in close vicinity to the harbour making it possible to produce and transport even large scaled constructions in one piece. 

Owing to our experience and qualifications of our employees we are also specialised in the production and assembly/mounting of e.g. process plants, evaporators, drying units, pressure tanks as well as piping assemblies in black as well as stainless steel.


We are an order producing company who manufactures according to the customers drawings and specifications - this often in cooperation with our engineers.

Besides our order production we have self-designed production of machines for the sugar and potato


Approximately 70% of our total production are either directly or indirectly exported and our qualified technicians perform installation and testing all over the world.

We are, among others, certified through: TÜV (D), Apave (F), Stoomwezen ( NL), SA (S), "Arbejdstilsynet" ( DK), Lloyds and Norsk Veritas.

The permission for machining stainless, corrosion-, acid- and heat-resistant materials are obtained and available. Our technicians and engineers are capable of, in cooperation with the customer, troubleshooting and solving technical issues, hence complete the production in our work shop.

Our well-educated and trained staff are also at your disposal for assembly/mounting/installation to a fixed price or against an hourly rate.

Look below: Example of one of our larger projects, i.e. a drying unit for the flue gas purification.
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